About us

ADN.ai c’est une plateforme créative complètement tech, pionnière française de l’intelligence artificielle conversationnelle. En toute simplicité 😉

Our vision

Talking is natural, simple and quick...

Founded in 2017, the day Google Assistant was launched in France, ADN.ai specializes in creating multi-channel conversational experiences.

Technology now allows us to converse with machines. It's a new use, a new way of navigating. Voice becomes responsive. We propose to the user to interact by typing, touching, clicking or talking. The experience becomes multi-sensory. Through voice, the web becomes accessible to everyone (young, old, educated or illiterate, disabled...).

It's the new digital revolution and it's as strong as the mobile revolution of 10 years ago...

in July 2019


of French people have already used a vocal assistant

We are approaching

27 milliards

devices worldwide

Our technology is


developped in France

Our expertise

Voice strategy

ADN.Ai accompanies you in the creation of your voice strategy. We define how your services or content can be adapted to voice.


Once the UX and the architecture are in place, we develop your application according to the specifications we will have co-built. We take care of the beta tests and let you validate your application before it is published on the voice assistant(s).

Access to the stats

We take care of publishing your application to the Amazon or Google platforms. On Amazon Alexa, the user must activate the skill to be able to invoke it. On Google Assistant, referencing is natural. If the user invokes your brand and you have an app, it will be launched. We take care of maintaining your app and provide you with consolidated multi-assistant access to statistics (unique visitors).


Media coverage

Once your application launches, let us know. We have tailor-made solutions to generate traffic on our clients' applications.

"Conversational marketing is the best way to engage in real-time conversations with buyers and customers."

Antoine Crehalet – CEO ADN.Ai

Our team of experts