Marine Nationale

About this campaign


Every year, the Marine Nationale (french Navy) has to recruit more than 4,000 young French people, aged between 17 and 30.

Communication campaigns (Display, social networks, trade fairs, database exploitation, JDC, etc.) are carried out and generate a very high volume of requests for appointments at CIRFA.


These leads need to be pre-qualified before being sent to the recruiting sailors.  

Candidates who have not completed the recruitment process should be contacted again using appropriate communication tools.

The Marine Nationale, with its limited human resources, has to be reactive in order to respond to the extremely high demand from candidates in a tight job market.

Solution implemented

Development of an automated, customised process with the following functionalities:

  • Access to a secure interface
  • Import of collected data
  • Sending sms with url to a form
  • Provision of the form
  • Managing the requalification of collected data
  • Administration of accounts for data importers
  • Statistics monitoring in an interface

Awards won

Prix spécial du jury


Campagne de recrutement qualifiée


Innovation prize


Recruitment campaign


More commitment
for better performance

More leads from unqualified sources
Enhancing the data collected
Less load and processing time


  • IAB formats 300×600 and 300×250
  • Voice customization
  • With video & image introductions


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