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ADN.ai is a French creative platform, pioneering conversational intelligence to serve humans since 2017.

We are a completely tech and creative team.

For whom?
For everyone!


The experience is lived either with the voice, with the image and with the text. All users can interact with the formats by speaking, clicking/touching to be fully accessible and even in situation of disability.

All ages

The entire population, from old to young, should be able to interact with these formats and experiences, whether they are geeks or beginners. And with ultra-simplified use, the experience is well underway.

As easy as Adn.ai



Deep tech

Our approach:
Re-enchant the customer journey


Arouse curiosity and interest

Engage in conversation via all media


From research to decision making

Helping to make a decision
Assist in product selection
Advise virtually


Evaluation, loyalty and recommendation

Strengthen customer relations


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