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Our technologies

Text to speech

Explore our cutting-edge innovation: voice synthesis from text. Using our proprietary technology, we've created a high-performance transcription system.

Instantly transform any text into a natural, expressive voice.

As well as being more inclusive, offering the option of listening to content makes it easier to understand, especially complicated texts or important information.

Avatar generation

We've developed Generative AI technology that creates ultra-realistic, customisable avatars like never before via a simple image. Your content comes to life as it becomes more human.

Immerse yourself in a world where you can bring an avatar or virtual video agent to life from a drawing, painting or photo. Your brand or services become incarnate, offering new experiences that are ultra-accessible and much closer to people.

Lip synch

Lip-synchronisation involves perfectly aligning a character's lip movements with the words he or she is saying in a video.

Our AI uses powerful machine learning models to analyse lip movements and generate dubbings that perfectly match the original lyrics.

The viewing experience becomes natural and much more immersive with AI generated videos, and also makes it easier to produce any existing video in multiple languages!

Application areas

Dubbing & Lip synch

Dubbing your videos in any language has never been so easy!

Two techniques are available at dubbing and lip synch.


Dubbing is a technique used in the film and television industry to replace the original language of a film or programme with another language. 

The dubbing process involves trying to match the actors' lip movements to the new language, to create the illusion of lip-sync. Professional dubbing actors record the dialogue in a studio, adapting intonations and vocal expressions to convey the same emotions as the original actors. The process is time-consuming and costly, but does not affect the quality of the film. With, dubbing is automated, so it's fast and affordable.

Lip synch

Lip-synchronisation involves perfectly aligning the movements of a character's lips with the words they are saying in a film, video or animation directly on the actors' lips.

Our AI analyses lip movements and automatically generates dubbings that perfectly match the original words. The viewing experience becomes natural and far more immersive.

One of the great strengths of our AI is its speed. It can synchronise lip movements in just a few hours. This saves content creators precious time and speeds up production processes.

TTS Video

With and Talk3, text content becomes audio and video in an instant! The UX changes dimension, text comes to life!

One of the major benefits of's TTS for media and brands alike is the ability to quickly and efficiently transform text into audio narration and make text that is not naturally comprehensible. This can be used to create audio and video versions of written content such as press articles, blogs or posts on social networks. In this way, the media can reach a wider audience by offering an alternative to traditional reading by embodying their content.

TTS also makes content more accessible to people with reading difficulties, such as the visually impaired or dyslexics. By making information audible, the media enable these individuals to benefit from equitable access to information and news.


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