Retail media

Make your shop windows or shelves talk!

Give your visitors a unique experience by making your shelves and products "talk" with Talk3! Our innovative technology easily transforms your existing texts and photos into informative and animated videos.

Thanks to Talk3's AI, content creation becomes a breeze. Simply affix the generated QR code to the platform and let's go for a memorable customer experience!

Simplify your customers' journey by providing them with the information they need in an animated and fun way. With Talk3, technology is at the service of the customer experience.

An example is worth a thousand words!
Play with our formats to see and hear our customers talk to you.

Conversational content

With our Talk-in SaaS platform, you can create and deliver intelligent conversations that consumers can talk to.

With Talk-in, reinvent your customer relationship by creating a personalized one-on-one dialogue between your brand and your end users.

With our advanced technology, you can ask questions and provide tailored answers based on their exact location in your store or on the shelf. Say goodbye to impersonal interactions and welcome a tailored customer experience, where every need is taken into account.

Give your customers an unforgettable shopping experience with Talk-in, the next generation conversational solution.

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