Turn your photos into videos

The reality of the market is that video is replacing text.
The younger generation no longer reads, but instead listens to or watches videos: this is what is known as "snack content".
You can prepare for it quickly with Talk3!


We are going to become a service platform centred around video.
We are going to integrate the best services on the AI market through pay-per-use and, above all, without subscription.

Talk3, our practical, multi-purpose platform, lets you use images and text to create videos for training, culture and information purposes.

Application areas

Social networks

Human resources




As a flood of generative AI products hit the mass market, only the most tech-savvy end-users are really taking advantage of them.
What's more, no one in a corporate department, media outlet, content agency, marketing company or public service can keep up with and subscribe to all these alien technology innovations.


We support our customers in their AI strategy. We help them set up the right human-machine collaboration, and give them access to a large pool of talent and experts for their needs.

We want our customers to get the most out of our platform and our knowledge of the world of AI.

How does it work?

1. Import a photo

2. Add audio
– by uploading an mp3 file
– by using the Text To Speech
– by recording directly

3. Shazam! That's it, your video is created


Thanks to our generative AI tools and services, we enable our customers to:

increase the comprehensibility of the texts they produce

increase the engagement of their audiences and readers

reduce production costs for new video content

produce content in any language in an instant

access to the best tools on the market and all their premium tools, without commitment