Welcome to the era of
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vocal AI

Nous sommes ADN.ai, une équipe à la fois completement tech et créative. Nous sommes spécialisés dans la publicité conversationnelle. Nous cultivons l'intelligence artificielle au service de l'homme depuis 2017.

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Notre métier consiste à engager une conversation entre la marque et son consommateur ! Comment ? En multimodal… L’utilisateur choisit de converser avec la machine avec avec sa main (via un clavier, une souris) et/ou avec sa voix …

About us

Our omnichannel and multi-modal diffusion solutions

Our goal: to reach as many people as possible via as many channels as possible

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We will solve your B2B and B2C problems to reach your audience vocally and transform your visibility into engagement. Whether in:
– voice marketing
– voice technology
– accessibility

I had the opportunity to work with ADN.ai on a 100% perfume consultation voice application for the House of Guerlain. I still remember our collaboration because it was a real pleasure to work together. It was quite a challenge that we completed in record time! A great success! Thank you ADN.ai for being a service provider that is always listening and always available. I hope that we will have the opportunity to work together again on other beautiful projects!

Marion Scala, Digital Innovation Projet Manager – Guerlain