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Our vision: humanize user experience

The trend is towards social 2.0, personal video, direct, private, fast and on-demand dialogue between brands and their audiences.

Imagine an agency that can integrate the latest voice, AI and 3D avatar technologies into your website, applications and advertising creatives?

Thanks to these new technologies finally accessible, we develop customized interactive experiences to build new and more human experiences.

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Our areas of activity

An example is worth a thousand words!
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Conversational advertising

With our SaaS platform Talk-in, you can create new interactive digital formats with high engagement power for brands and consumers.

Talk-in allows you to deliver intelligent conversations that users can talk to. Our technology makes your content conversational. It allows you to engage in a personalized one to one B2B or B2C dialogue.

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Avatars &
digital twins

Talk3 is an Avatar Management System, a platform for creating digital twins for brands and consumers via our generative AI.

Our Talk3 technology makes your avatars talk and even have intelligent conversations. It allows you to better inform through the generation of embodied videos as well as to engage in one to one B2B, B2C and C2C dialogue.

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