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We are ADN.ai, a thoroughly techy and creative team. We have been putting artificial intelligence to work for humans since 2017.

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Adn.ai est le premier Voice and Creative Service Provider (VCSP) publicitaire au service des marques et des consommateurs. Nous diffusons des publicités intelligentes avec lesquelles les consommateurs peuvent parler. Notre technologie de voice ads rend interactifs tous les médias. Nos voice ads permettent d’engager un dialogue one to one, sans cookie, et de collecter de la data en toute transparence avec le consentement explicite de vos prospects.

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Our goal: to reach as many people as possible via as many channels as possible

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We will solve your B2B and B2C problems to reach your audience vocally and transform your visibility into engagement. Whether in:
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– accessibility

I had the opportunity to work with ADN.ai on a 100% perfume consultation voice application for the House of Guerlain. I still remember our collaboration because it was a real pleasure to work together. It was quite a challenge that we completed in record time! A great success! Thank you ADN.ai for being a service provider that is always listening and always available. I hope that we will have the opportunity to work together again on other beautiful projects!

Marion Scala, Digital Innovation Projet Manager – Guerlain